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Pulm Hiiumaal Kassaris
WIIRALT - Näita mulle teed
M&H lühike pulmavideo - pihlaka talus
Tartu jõululinn aftermovie
J&J pulm Laitse lossis - lühike pulmavideo
Paadiprofid töökoja tutvustus
Jõuluvanade talimängud
On the Way to My Cinema - Tartu Elektriteater - Tartu, Estonia #ConnectingCinemas
Beester JET reklaamvideo
Rapool põllupäev
Maagiline jõuluball 2022
Vocational collage brändiürituse aftermovie
WIIRALT - Salaja



The icons of a telephone handset, floppy disk or envelope on the screens - these are relics from previous times, which you no longer encounter, just as "Thats a wrap" in the end of a video shoot altough there is no film to wrap anymore...
Hello, I'm Peeter, a photographer and videographer 
But.. In addition to being a photographer, I am also a researcher in the field of geology and environmental technology at the University of Tartu, I have worked with classic cars, been involved in the world of music and have traveled the world with just a tired old backpack, one time even hitchhiking from Estonia to Vietnam. I have received awards for my pictures in Estonia and abroad and also wrote a few pieces of articles.. This wide spectrum of interests and experiences give me a strong signature touch and skills to see art projects from a new angles while delivering the results quickly and flexibly to the clients needs
With years of experience, I can help you capture various events, conferences and weddings in both photo and video form, but I will gladly take on your product photos, promotional and music videos. Or let's take high-quality beauty shots of your staff, car or dog and cat instead? Get in touch and we'll find a way...





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